About Serenity Cruises

In the name Serenity Cruises

What does the word “Serenity” imply? It implies the style and ethos of our cruises, appealing to a certain type of person.

Whilst some cruises appeal to a fun-loving crowd, Serenity Cruises draw a quieter, more style-conscious customer. They are cruises for discerning people who dream of floating on a calm, azure sea, among limestone peaks under boundless skies. Cruises designed for self-contemplation, to discover your inner resources and how strong your connection is with nature and local culture.





Our history

Serenity is also the dream of the cruise line founder. After working for over ten years as a tour organizer on and around Cat Ba Island and Ha Long Bay he has developed a special bond with the area, which he considers his second home.

He completely understands the lives and aspirations of the local people, that their main desire is to be able to sustain their livelihoods through fishing. That is why, when he first thought about a cruise line, the name Serenity came immediately to mind.



Our mission

Cruise lines are making huge waves in the luxury holiday arena, but in Vietnam this concept is slow to take hold. The time has come to re-think the meaning of up-scale. Real luxury is less about objects and more about one-of-a-kind experiences. It is refined but not stuffy, and luxury is nothing without the experiences it affords you.

You want your own stories, adventures that inspires and surprises because, to you, a life richly lived is the ultimate luxury. Our mission is to return luxury to its roots – something precious, rare and most importantly, emotional value.





Core value

Serenity Cruises have an unrivaled collection of the most desired luxury cruises in the region, cruises that reveal the unspoiled wilderness and hidden gems of Cat Ba Island and Ha Long/Lan Ha Bays that you will not find in guidebooks.

We aim to celebrate the harmony between man and nature, we bring professionalism to tourism. We celebrate Vietnam’s rich culture with creativity, openness, tolerance and generosity. We hope you will join us on a Serenity Cruise, exploring nature, culture and self-contemplation.

Viet Vu

I am working on cruises in Ha Long – Lan Ha Bays since when I was a kid and it already becomes my second home. Knowing the currents as I do with my vein, I will ensure our dear guests’ safety in the journey to experience all the best that Halong – Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island can offer. My responsibility is to ensure a seamless vacation for our dearest customers. I hope you enjoy my company on Serenity Cruises.

Bac Nguyen

I spent my entire life in pursuit of flavor starting at the legendary Vietnam Charm restaurant. I’ve traveled the world tasting everything. What I’ve discovered is that the secret to a good dining is to fully understand the philosophy of each region’s gastronomy. Through food, we can come into the life of people from other culture. It’s my pleasure to company you in that journey of taste on Serenity Cruises.

Hien Tran

Serenity Cruises is my way to bring “luxury” back to its root – not just about high-end furniture but more importantly, the precious experience and feeling achieved from the wonder of nature and the professional services. After 10 years working in tourism industry to understand that our customers’ experience is fundamental for our stable development. There is only one boss – the customer.

Why Serenity Cruises?

Longest route into nature

Serenity Cruises is the only company that runs tour with the longest route that go further into Halong – Lan Ha Bay. Even though Halong Bay used to be the dream destination, it is loosing its ground in recent years because flocks of tourists went on the same old places in an limited 20% of the area. We bring you far away from the crowd and let you explore deeper into nature.

Unique collection of cuisine

We have a well-trained and enthusiastic team of young people who love to devote their time for bringing the values of Vietnam closer to the world. We are proud of them – Tan, Linh (Gin), Tay, … – they are little ambassadors of Vietnam in general and of Halong – Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Island in particular. They will not just guide you through the bay but also spread the love for Vietnam that runs in their blood.

Stability and elegance

Serenity Cruises are designed and built with cutting-edge technology to ensure a much smoother sail compared to many other boats in the bays. But this has not been at the expense of elegance. Serenity Cruises ensures a luxury design in partnership with stability and safety.