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Tourist attractions in Halong Bay

Halong is a world of its own with tons of gorgeous places that will “wow” you immediately.

However, a wise traveler would quickly spot the hype that media created about a list of easiest accessible destinations that have been exploited for tourism purposes for decades.

For firstcomers who want to travel in a conventional way to get a general taste of the bay, here is the list of places to go.

halong attractions

Since the following destinations are tourist attractions, expectations shouldn’t be set too high if you long for a getaway to immerse in complete seclusion, be prepared to be disappointed.

In peak seasons, you might find yourself sandwiched for the whole time walking through the caves, or sunk into the beach of seawater and also thousands of half-naked people.

Prefer a hassle-free adventurous expedition in luxury to explore the bays? Read more at Unique Itinerary into Halong – Lan Ha Bays


Caves are marked with blue camera icons in the map.

Those underground spaces are formed by numerous geological processes. There are 4 grottos and caves that were discovered and made accessible for tourists: Heaven Grotto (Động Thiên Cung), Pole Head Cave (Hang Đầu Gỗ), Surprise Cave (Hang Sung Sot), and Heaven Landscape Cave (Hang Thien Canh Son).

Since they have quite similar characteristics, you don’t necessarily visit all but spend time for other destinations. Heaven Grotto and Pole Head Cave are close to each other so if you are a cave-lover, consider visiting both in your trip.


The 3 islands are marked with purple swimming icons: Titov Island, Quan Lan Island, and Co To Island. You can go swimming and trekking in Titov.

Titov Island

Fishing villages

There are 2 traditional fishing villages you can go visit: Cua Van and Vung Vieng. I personally find Cua Van village more beautiful. Those villages are marked as orange icons in the interactive map above.

Theme park

The Sun World Park (yellow icon) is a good place to come and have fun with your friends and families. The Sun World Park is at the purple icon.

Sun world park

Sun world park

Local seafood market

Halong seafood market is in the mainland. This is the focal point for both businesspeople and local vendors to trade fresh seafood.

Halong market

Halong market

Poem mountain

It’s close to the local seafood market so you can spend some time to have a look at the mountain and go buy some fresh seafood afterward. The mountain is marked as a brown icon.

Poem mountain

Poem mountain

Enjoy your trip!

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