Vietnam in cold days

The north of Vietnam started getting cold in the past 4 days. Let’s relish the beauty of the rustic cities when the wind came back in town for winter.

If there’s a thing to call out what Vietnamese people are like, it’s flower bikes. Various species of flowers have their gorgeous showcase on hundreds of mobile stages which are flower bikes you couldn’t find nowhere else but Vietnam. 

Winter speaks up for its comeback with the change of flowers in huge brown basket made from bamboo carried on the bikes of vendors. It’s time for Lily bouquets to rise and bring a freshly new aroma to every corner of the city.

In a balcony of a humble house sitting a bit backward compared to the neighbors, winter clothes started to show up to prepare for the cold.

And of course, it’s always the golden time for street food vendors who carry their whole restaurants on bikes.

Those ladies are so hunger-sensitive that they hardly miss any customers behind the glass doors (despite how excellent sound-proof they are). They know who need to buy food and who would definitely regret because of missing them.

Market is still open and people are still going, even in the rain. At the end of the day, the family meals are never skipped because it is considered bonding time. 

Fresh food for family is far more than just something healthy. It’s love behind all those effort to cook a meal for people we love with what we buy everyday.

Those lovely photos are taken by Lee Huy.

Step out of your door and feel a very different Vietnam in the turn of weather!

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